Friday, November 2, 2012


I haven't been blogging much but there are a few of you who look so this is for you!
                                                Mom's bedroom window in Aura.

UPDATE: re: knees

I love my new knees.  They make a little noise inside (just for me) but I am assured that this is temporary!  I have no pain walking or standing and it feels awesome!  I still have some pain with bending, getting up from a chair but it is so minor compared to what I was dealing with before that I am so pleased and also anticipate that this will go away with time.  I love tackling stairs, walking, and my exercise bike.  It is so cool.  Thanks to all of you who have supported me in thought and prayer!

UPDATE: re: mom

Mom has been stable.  She is not able to do anything for herself except to eat with her left hand and sometimes that looks shakey.  We try not to help her if possible so she can keep as much as possible something that she can do.  We have to help at times but we try to balance that.

Its been a year since her stroke.  She is moved totally by hoyer lift and that is difficult but she is a trooper.  She doesn't complain.  She often can speak quite clearly at times and other times it is impossible to get a clear thought out.  Rote things are best.  She sang a little old song the other day that was being played on the cd in the dining room.  That was precious.  A favorite of hers and dad's.  She will be voting but maybe not for proposals and minor players.  She definitely has her opinions and doesn't want to lose her "voice".  To be honest, caring for her is a grief process and also a gift.  I am so glad to have Chris and Bob to share the journey.

UPDATE: re: garden

We had quite a garden this year.  We ate lots of fresh veggies  and lettuce this summer.  Bob and Andrew did a great job.  Andrew researches alot and has many great ideas for the year to come.  His big project was an herb garden.  He also has made fresh salsa, habanero sauce, is currently curing Apple Cider Vinegar, he's dried all kinds of veggies and is also drying herbs in the entry room.  He is also into fermenting veggies.  He challenges us continually to try new things and get off dependence on store bought foods.  We are working at it.  They still have rutabagas, turnips, potatoes, carrots, and cabbage in the garden.  They keep well right now even in the cold.  Bob has onions drying in the lean-to. 

Our fall color change was so beautiful.  I really hated to see it go this year...but it is still"wildly" beautiful outdoors even when the woods expose their secrets and it can be so gray and cold.  How thankful I am that we are in this beautiful, natural place.
No more color left but interesting nature nonetheless.

                                                      Baby deer welcoming me home.


At November 2, 2012 at 6:12 PM , Blogger Lindsey Reynolds said...

Glad to get an update! I miss the colorful falls in Vermont! Looks beautiful there and I wish I could try some of your vegetables.

Best of luck to you, your knees, and your mom!

At November 21, 2012 at 2:24 PM , Anonymous Kathy said...

So glad to read your update, Ruth. So very very thankful that your knees are doing as well as they are. Happy Thanksgiving! Love, Kathy


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