Saturday, July 31, 2010

Core work and gardens?

Mom has been a real trooper and has been making great strides in her physical therapy. Her core muscles have strengthened as well as her left leg. She is supposed to keep her right leg straight when she gets up and pivots for transfers from wheelchair to bed, or chair, or bathroom. She is very motivated to get home and it looks like she might achieve this in the next week or two. Matt is coming for a visit on the 11th for two weeks and we hope to see my sister Lynn around the 14th.

So meanwhile Bob and I are working around the house. Bob has planted and is cultivating a beautiful garden that is flourishing. We have eaten radishes, various kinds of lettuces and some green onions so far. The tomato plants will be ripe soon and we will need to be ready for massive canning operations!

Bob and I also have enjoyed a time of respite thanks to Chris who has been attending to mom at the nursing home. I have been there but Chris is doing the majority of the visiting right now. We will be getting the house in order in preparation for her return.

I love this small community of people who help each other out and are involved in each others lives.


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